Jim Rohn Tribute
Herbalife Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn
1930 - 2009

Jim Rohn believed more in what each member of his audience could accomplish than they believed of themselves. He has been described as a philosopher, motivator and entrepreneur. His ability to help people dig deep within themselves, discover their own potential through personal development, and unleash their success has helped millions around the globe step closer to their dreams.

Jim was able to show people how to tap into their personal potential and overcome the negative thoughts and actions that hold most of us back. His life was devoted to studying the fundamentals of human behavior and personal motivation that affect professional performance. Jim had a way of breaking down everyday life to simple thoughts and phrases that have stood the test of time.

Jim is most well known for his lectures to the direct selling industry. One of his most popular audiences was that of Independent Herbalife Associates. After meeting Herbalife founder Mark Hughes in the early 1980s, Jim began to teach, motivate and further the lives of thousands of associates around the world each year. With his soft but direct voice and simple examples, such as the four seasons, Jim showed associates around the globe how they too could find success and move beyond their self-imposed limits. He was one of those rare humans who knew how to touch people and more importantly, make them look inside to find life-changing answers.

Jim has helped to motivate and train an entire generation of personal development trainers as well as hundreds of executives. Over a career spanning four decades, he addressed more than 6,000 audiences and authored more than 25 books, audio and video programs.

Jim Rohn Memorial Tribute Fund: Jim’s family has requested donations to the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation in his name in lieu of flowers.

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